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We were very lucky to receive a visit from Martin Simpson, all the way from Island Gems in Isle of Wight, who is a Cretaceous fossil crustaceans and dinosaur expert, all our  year 6 pupils were fascinated by the collection of artefacts that he brought along, and the way he told amusing stories to accompany his experiences, that made fossil and dinosaur history so interesting! Thank you Martin for such an entertaining and educational experience.

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We have recently had the opportunity to display Year 4’s Space work at the Gatwick Aviation Museum. The museum has provided us with a display area where children from other schools and the general public have the chance to see the work that the Year 4 children have been working extremely hard on this Autumn Term. 
The museum is open to the public on certain days of the week, so feel free to go and visit and see the children’s Space topic highlights. It looks fantastic and is well worth a visit!
The link below gives up to date opening times and prices:
Here are a few of the pictures:

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We would like to extend a big thank you on behalf of NSPCC to all the parents, family and friends that supported our recent sponsorship for NSPCC, they raised a huge £1720.99 !


The children should have all received Thank you Badges from NSPCC after they had a special Thank you assembly held by representatives from NSPCC, and we hope all the chlidren enjoyed the workshops that NSPCC held and have found them useful.



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We have had an amazing amount of entries of Poems for our Book Fairs “Rhyme Craft” from our children, Thank you to to everyone who entered, we wish you could all win, but we could only select one winner from each year group, and we are so impressed with them, we would like to share their poems with you.

Year 3 – Clara, Winner of £5 Book Voucher
Bluebells are glistening bright
In the darkness of the night.
Glistening like streetlight,
People pass and feel just right
the wonder of nature glows
beautifully even in the fading light.

Year 4 – Calleigh, Winner of £5 Book Voucher
Longer nights will soon be here once the day has passed.
Chilly winds shake the leaves to the ground.
The light Grey squirrel collecting his nuts storing them for winter
Crunchy leaves denote the frost, summer is finally gone.

Year 5 – Farah, Overall winner of £10 Book Voucher
The long cold winter is melting away
A single red bird was spotted today,
Through the mist the sun is peeking
Squirrels are about and acorn seeking,
New life has come to fields and woods,
Kids venture out in sweatshirts with hoods,
In just a few weeks the river will flow.
Blossoms on trees will be starting to show,
There’s still a chill in the spring time air
Winter has gone, but the memory is still there,
Summer is waiting a few months beyond
To warm the air and the meadow and pond,
A gopher peers out from the holes that he makes
Springtime is when the whole world awakes!

Year 6 – Donovan, Winner of £5 Book Voucher
Phones at use
Kids playing virtual games,
Electricity produced,
Every single day.

Letters out the window,
Board games in the past,
People look on super screens,
Until they will exhaust.

Money flying around,
Wires on the ground,
Nobody knows what is happening,
Everywhere else around.

People trying to reach out,
Letters with no replies,
We’re all using cloud,
Nobody thinks outside.

Happiness commencing,
Letters now arrive,
We can’t depend on tech,
When we all have lives.

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What a wonderful set of parents and children we have at Maidenbower, we were overwhelmed at the food contributions donated for this years Harvest Festival, which were collected and very much appreciated by Crawley Open house, Thank you all so much for your generosity.

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We were very lucky today to receive a visit from Jim Smith, famous author Barry Loser and new book “Future Ratboy”.

He gave a presentation to all our year 3 and 4 children, which they were totally enraptured with, and then signed the books that children had brought.

A big thank you to Jim, and the Book Nook crew who thoroughly entertained our children this morning.


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What a fab start to our staff fundraising week for Macmillan, our star bakers were busy yesterday providing a much enjoyed morning coffee break today! We were more than happy to part with our money for a slice of cake and a pastry. Cakes will be baked and brought in all week by different staff. As usual, Miss Negus was tasting and judging, Mr Pike had to refrain from judging this year, due to having submitted his own Cake entry! so the very gallant Mr Davies stepped in as Miss Negus’s sidekick in trying a piece of all the goodies, and our Bake off star will be announced at the end of the week, along with the grand total of money raised.



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It is that time of year, one of our absolute personal favourite moments, when we present our very special “Anne Newson” awards to one child from each year group.

The award was setup a few years ago, in tribute to one of our very loyal and dedicated school governors, who sadly passed away, and at her families request, for us to keep our school in her memory, the award was created. All our teachers and teaching assistants, get together for each year group, and choose one child, who they have felt that are role models, always smiling, always working hard, and even in the face of adversity, have continued to try to do their absolute best, and have have been an absolute inspiration to both their teachers, and their peers.

So this afternoon, we had a very emotional assembly, in attendance were the selected children’s parents who had been told earlier in the week, even though the children had no idea, and we heard from each of the children’s teacher exactly why they had been chosen, and the reasons were inspirational and moving, and all of our 600 children walked from assembly with their heads held high in pride for their friends.

The well deserved awards were presented to:

Millie Grubb, Year 3

Tyler Voice, Year 4

Alyssia Phelps, Year 5

Gabz Shackleton, Year 6

Well done to all of you, you have made our school very proud.

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We are overwhelmed with some lovely presents we have received at our school, and wanted to share a couple with you, Thank you to the parents and children who have given us these, we feel very special.

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At Maidenbower Junior school, we love to share in the celebration of achievements of our pupils who participate in out of school activities, and we are very pleased to share that Erika Sait has been awarded her breaststroke trophy, points award and medals from the club championships. Well done Erika, we are very proud of you, and thank you to mum for allowing us to publish this.