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We have had an amazing amount of entries of Poems for our Book Fairs “Rhyme Craft” from our children, Thank you to to everyone who entered, we wish you could all win, but we could only select one winner from each year group, and we are so impressed with them, we would like to share their poems with you.

Year 3 – Clara, Winner of £5 Book Voucher
Bluebells are glistening bright
In the darkness of the night.
Glistening like streetlight,
People pass and feel just right
the wonder of nature glows
beautifully even in the fading light.

Year 4 – Calleigh, Winner of £5 Book Voucher
Longer nights will soon be here once the day has passed.
Chilly winds shake the leaves to the ground.
The light Grey squirrel collecting his nuts storing them for winter
Crunchy leaves denote the frost, summer is finally gone.

Year 5 – Farah, Overall winner of £10 Book Voucher
The long cold winter is melting away
A single red bird was spotted today,
Through the mist the sun is peeking
Squirrels are about and acorn seeking,
New life has come to fields and woods,
Kids venture out in sweatshirts with hoods,
In just a few weeks the river will flow.
Blossoms on trees will be starting to show,
There’s still a chill in the spring time air
Winter has gone, but the memory is still there,
Summer is waiting a few months beyond
To warm the air and the meadow and pond,
A gopher peers out from the holes that he makes
Springtime is when the whole world awakes!

Year 6 – Donovan, Winner of £5 Book Voucher
Phones at use
Kids playing virtual games,
Electricity produced,
Every single day.

Letters out the window,
Board games in the past,
People look on super screens,
Until they will exhaust.

Money flying around,
Wires on the ground,
Nobody knows what is happening,
Everywhere else around.

People trying to reach out,
Letters with no replies,
We’re all using cloud,
Nobody thinks outside.

Happiness commencing,
Letters now arrive,
We can’t depend on tech,
When we all have lives.