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Thank you so to all who attended our parents evening last night, after 2 long years it was wonderful to be able to throw open our doors and welcome all our current, past and future children to look around the school and have a look at all the wonderful displays proudly showing all the work that all our pupils have worked so very hard at, and all the different range of topics that we have covered in the last year, I think you will agree that our Teachers and TAs worked very hard to get their classrooms looking amazing, and we hope you managed to get to see some of the showcases, performances and activities that were happening around the school as well. We would like to thank all our staff for all their efforts yesterday afternoon and evening to help look our lovely school look stunning.

We would like to give our Governors and PTA a big shout out for the tasty BBQ they cooked for us, that must have been very hot place to have worked on what has been one of the hottest days so far alreeady, and also a thank you to to CJ’s cafe for the yummy cakes and treats as well, and lastly but not least, a shout out to our Year 6 children who were waitressing for the evening, we think you will agree it was a lovely evening all round.

Here is a small selection of photos of some of the classrooms and how amazing they looked.