After school clubs for Autumn 2020

To be confirmed when school is back to normal


How will I know if my child has secured a place?

As the demand for our clubs is so big, there is a possibility that some may become over-subscribed.  In this event, after the deadline has passed we will draw names out of a hat to decide who will get the places.  We will send letters out to children if they have secured a place in the club.  A waiting list will be set up for children who haven’t secured a place.  If you are still unsure, please contact the office for confirmation.

Cancelling a club

Many clubs are run by school staff on a voluntary basis and there may need to be occasions whereby a club has to be cancelled in a particular week.  We will try to give as much notice as possible, but it is possible that a club may have to be cancelled at the last minute, due to sickness or bad weather.  Texts are sent no later than 2pm.

Signing up for a club

Here is a list of clubs that are being offered for the Summer Term.  You will be sent an invitation to sign up for clubs electronically and will be able to do so online.  Alternatively you can complete the attached list by ticking the appropriate clubs that your child would like to attend.  Please speak to the office if you have any difficulties with this.


Please ensure that your child wants to go to a particular club before you sign up.  In the past, some children have been added to a club who clearly do not want to be there.  This is unfair on the child, and also for other children who are on the waiting list.

If you can’t attend a club one day

Please let the office if this is the case, so we do not need to phone parents after school saying that their child has not turned up to a club.

Where clubs have * next to them, indicated paid ones.


External Clubs – Please note all correspondence for the below clubs are not operated through the school, but directly to the club themselves.


Chelsea Football Club

French Club

Dare Dance

Musical Theatre registration form.

Musical Theatre letter

Musical Theatre Info Sheet

Spanish club

West Sussex Music

Karate – Upper School

Yoga with Charlotte – Upper School

Yogabugs – Lunch time

Yogabugs – After school



SCHOOL GAMES Mark 2015/16


Maidenbower Junior School