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Assessment at Maidenbower Junior School is through teacher assessment.  During every day of every week, teachers are continually assessing children against age-related criteria.  This is evidenced through children’s work in their books and through discussions that they have with their peers and with their teacher.

At four intervals in the year, teachers submit their teacher assessments and discuss each child’s progress with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  These meetings are focussed around assessment analysis and the planning of additional interventions to support identified children.  This information is shared with parents at parents’ evening when teachers share information about the child’s learning.

In Year 6 this continues to take place, but children also sit the national Key Stage 2 tests in May.  As part of preparing pupils for these tests; not just by making sure the curriculum content has been covered, we also want to make sure that the children are ‘test-ready’, having practised working to timed conditions and on familiar question-types.  As a result of this need, we have decided to set up test weeks in each year group, as detailed below:

Year 3-5

Once a term, children will sit a test in arithmetic, mathematical reasoning, reading and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar).  The sole aim of this is to get children used to working in timed conditions so there is no surprise when they reach Year 6.  It will be very low key and the work the children produce each day will inform the teacher assessment, rather than looking at test scores. Teachers will use some time after the tests to model answers and identify misconceptions.

Year 6

Testing will become more frequent as children move through Year 6.  They will practise sample papers and previous SATs to get the children used to working in timed conditions.  These papers will be analysed to give us information about strengths and areas to develop which will then inform the teachers’ planning.  Again, the main purpose of this is to ensure children feel confident and settled when they sit their Key Stage 2 tests in May.

For further information please contact:

Elaine Jenkins (Acting Head Teacher)

Simon Pike (Acting Deputy Head Teacher)


Click here to see the Parents Guide to “Assessment without levels” (handed out at March 2015 Parents evening)

Click here to see a blank template report that is now sent out.


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