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Scratch Animation Software

Create your own interactive games. Download to your own computer or access online with your own account. Share your own projects with your class – your teacher will let you know your shared login information.

Snap Animation Software

An alternative to Scratch. See what similarities and differences you can find.

Kodu Game Lab

Create your own 3-D interactive games using similar commands to Scratch.

Think U Know

Advice and games to keep you safe online. Excellent preparation for our e-safety lessons this year.

Barclays Code Playground

Have fun exploring the online playground! What can you make the objects do? 


Create your own websites, complete with blogs!



VSDC Video Editing Software

Discover the power of video editing, using this free software. Try some green screening!

Mozilla X-Ray Goggles

Remix any webpage with this exciting tool. Works best with Mozilla Firefox (web browser).

Google Documents

Your teacher will set up a Google Document for you to access.

Prezi Presentation Software

Want to make your Powerpoint presentations more exciting? Try Prezi!


Microsoft Small Basic

Create your own programs using similar commands to Scratch. This is great for designing patterns and even games!

This is a link to Zu3d

Bring Your Imagination To Life With Zu3D!