We ran several different Cookathon events through the week (between 18 – 29 April).
Year 5 pupils (150 of them!) were studying The Egyptians and as part of their end of topic celebration day they dressed up as Egyptians and took part in a variety of topic related activities including cooking – they all made pitta bread and 2 dips: houmous and a yoghurt and mint dip and chopped up loads of carrot dippers too.
In cooking club one week we made the Cookathon Cottage Pie. (5 pupils) The next week we made mini pancakes from the book. (8 pupils)
A Year 6 class also made the Cottage pie but did the baked potato version seen on the video on the website. (30 pupils)
Our SSC class did the baked potato version of the cottage pie too. (10 pupils)
Pupils were encouraged to join in at home too – several of the above repeated the recipes at home, and we also heard from other families via email about their cooking exploits. (1 additional child to above so far). Please look at cookathon website for photos that were sent in by parents
So in total 8 adults and 198 pupils took part; a great total and a target to beat next year!
This year the official recipe for the Cookathon is Cottage Pie, a healthy version of a traditional favourite, and there is also a vegetarian version. Hopefully this is a dish that will appeal to lots of children and their families.
cookathon 2


Plenty of information including the recipes can be found on the official website:

Have fun and ‘Keep Cooking!’

Recipe for Cottage Pie

Recipe for Mixed Veg (vegetarian)