Year 3

To be advised

Year 4

Homework due 21st Jan


Year 5

Homework: Tuesday 15th January 2019

 Reading: Read at least four times per week and record your reading in your planner.

Spellings: Learn the words in this week’s list. You do not need to hand in any work: your score in our test will show if you have learned the words well: certainly, definitely, possibly, perhaps, probably, frequently, often, occasionally, rarely, always.

(5FW’s words are: Egypt, tomb, pharaoh, camel, pyramid, Sphinx, hieroglyphics, sarcophagus.)

Art/ DT: This half term we will be making our own Egyptian Death Masks. To do this, please bring in a piece of cardboard no smaller than an A3 sheet. Ideally this cardboard needs to be thick to avoid the masks curling.

Due in:  Monday 21st January 2019


Year 6    

Homework due Monday 21st January 2019

Topic – Grammar and Punctuation Buster – Click here for copy

Read at least 4 times per week and record this in your planner. Please record the book title and pages read.

Optional Maths—Learn these equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages off by heart.


Fraction    Decimal    Percentage
1            1.0             100%
1/2         0.5              50%
1/4        0.25             25%
1/10       0.1              10%
1/5         0.2              20%
1/20       0.05              5%

Find 4 words that follow the same pattern – ough
programme Yr 5/6 word
early Yr3/4 word
people high frequency word
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All homework to be completed to the standard expected in class.