Year 3

To be advised

Year 4

Homework due 19th Nov


Year 5

Homework: Tuesday 13th November

Reading: Read at least four times per week and record your reading in your planner.

Spellings: Learn the words in this week’s list. You do not need to hand in any work: your score in our test will show if you have learned the words well:

doubt, lamb, debt, thumb, solemn, autumn, column, knight, knuckle, knot

DT: Bring in a shoe box (or similar). This will be used for our DT project – making a wand with a presentation box.

Due in:  Monday 19th November


Year 6    

Homework due Monday 26th November 2017

SPAG Revision Cards— Fold an A4 piece of paper in half until it is in 1/8s. Cut the pieces out—you should have eight pieces. On one side of an 1/8 you write the grammar terminology word, on the back you explain what it means and give an example. The words are modal verbs, passive voice, subordinating conjunctions, prepositions, determiners, expanded noun phrases, commands and adverbs (NOT ending in ly).

Spellings—Please revise your spelling list ready to be tested.
Find 4 words that follow the same pattern- suffix – tious or ious
embarrass Yr 5/6 word
certain Yr3/4 word
they high frequency word

Read at least 4 times per week and record this in your reading record. Please record the book title and pages read.

Additional Maths –Optional
Work out the answers to the following questions and record your answers on paper —we will go through the answers in class.
79,249 + 25,893 =
28,328 — 9,189 =
7821 x 27 =
8973 ÷ 23 =

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All homework to be completed to the standard expected in class.