Year 3


Year 4

Homework due 13th May


Year 5

Homework: Tuesday 7th May 2019

 Reading: Read at least four times per week and record your reading in your reading record book.

Spellings: Adverbials of place

criticise                          advertise                       capitalise                  finalise                           equalise
fertilise                           terrorise                        socialise                   visualise                         vandalise

Learn the words in this week’s list. You do not need to hand in any work: your score in our test will show if you have learned the words well.


Year 6   

Well done all our Year 6’s for doing their SATs this week, we know you have all done your best and have behaved so well.

There is no homework for Year 6’s for this week.

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All homework to be completed to the standard expected in class.