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The Launchpad (SSC)


The Launchpad is a specialist provision that offers individual programmes of education for junior-age pupils with a diagnosis of Autism or social communication and an EHCP. The Launchpad is for pupils that do not require a special school but find a full-time mainstream environment challenging. We are able to offer a bespoke combination of access to mainstream classes alongside specialist teacher input, support and an adapted environment. Children can start a placement in year 3 through to year 6. Our aim is to integrate the children into mainstream classes. We do this by structuring their support to match what they need, ensuring they can succeed when integrating. This is a flexible process and is carefully monitored.




The Launchpad has two large teaching spaces specifically designed for small groups and 1:1 work. The classrooms are tailored to the differentiated curriculum and according to the support needs of the children. Visual displays are used to aid learning but are kept intentionally minimal to reduce distraction. There is also a sensory room equipped with soft furnishings and sensory toys, and a calm room that serves as a low-arousal space. Outside, there is a self-contained courtyard adjacent to the lower-school playground.


Curriculum and assessment


The basis of the curriculum is drawn from the national curriculum. It is adapted to match the EHCP targets and abilities of the pupils, enabling success & accessibility as well as providing challenge. We use a range of teaching and learning methods that support children with autism to access all areas of the curriculum. We use colourful semantics to support children's understanding of semantic structure and enable them to develop independent reading and writing skills.



Mr Buckley

My name is Chris Buckley and I have been working in SEN education for eleven years in the capacity of teacher, tutor, subject leader and senior leader. I have worked in a range of contexts, having started out my career as a teacher in a further education provision in Brighton for young adults with complex, multiple diagnoses. My work as a senior leader for a specialist residential school gave me unique opportunities to develop my practice in leadership and working with a wide age range from primary through to secondary and sixth form. I have been fortunate enough to work with some inspiring SEN professionals over the years, including some of the nation’s leading behaviour specialists and autism practitioners. Learning is my passion and, consequently, I have undertaken a great deal of additional training and qualifications. A few of these include a professional diploma in specialist teaching and learning, Positive Behaviour Support training, IOSH management, Autism Practice and Behavioural analysis and, more recently, I have taken on the role of SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) for the TSA Schools Alliance. From a young age, I was privileged to have children with a range of conditions and diagnoses as fostered family members. This showed me how valuable everyone is and gave me a strong belief in inclusion for those who are easily excluded, eventually leading me to the work I now do.

Miss Lee

To be completed

Mrs Sewell

My name is Sam Sewell and I have worked with individuals with Autism for over 14 years. I started my career off working with children in a secondary setting and worked within the subjects of PE and history in a mainstream school before moving to the autism provision and specialising in SEN and autism. Over time, I helped run the Autistic provision at the secondary school alongside the SENCO, managing TA’s and roughly 24 Students within the unit. I have a Sport Science and History degree and have a passion for Netball. This passion led me to run the netball teams for all year groups at the secondary school as well as coach Netball in some primary schools. I have also obtained qualifications in Leadership, Managing Challenging Behaviour, and Mental Health in young people, TEAMTEACH, Autism and many more. I love working with individuals with autism, seeing them grow and watching them progress over time, their uniqueness makes it such a rewarding job.


Also our supporting TAs are:

     Miss Morgan         Mrs Smith         Miss Maloney           Mrs Vieira         Miss Hancock