Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended their Child’s parents evening in March 2019, we also thank those who completed the survey after meeting their teacher to provide us with their opinion’s on the school and the staff, we thought you would be interested to see a comparative score from March compared to the parents evening in November 2018.

 March 2019
Whole School
Strongly Agree and agree%Strongly Disagree and Disagree%N/A%
1My child is happy at this school25398.43110.39
2My child is making good progress25599.210.39
3My child feels safe at this school25699.6
4My child is well looked after at this school25599.210.39
5I am kept informed about my child's progress23892.66210.39
6The school gives me information about events and activities25498.820.78
7The school responds well to concerns that I raise21684832811
8I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a complaint 25498.841.510.39
9Staff expect my child to work hard and do his or her best25599.210.39
10Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent25599.2
11The school provides appropriate homework for their age24294218
12The school deals effectively with bullying1837193.56324
13There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable247966210.39
14I feel welcome in the school and am encourage to take part in school activities and events247963120.78
15My child is taught well25699.6
16The school is well led and managed well20969.620.2820.66
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