unicefAs part of our developing approach to teaching about global citizenship we have been assessed, by Unicef, as a ‘Rights Respecting School’. In the process of gaining this award the children have learnt about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and we have reframed class and school rules in terms of rights and responsibilities.

Learning about the Convention has also enabled our pupils to start using the language and concepts of Rights, Respect and Responsibilities to consider a wide range of moral issues, from behaviour in the classroom and playground to all aspects of the curriculum for global citizenship such as fair trade, sustainability and equalities issues.

The Assessors commented in their report that: ‘The impressive progress that the school has made towards embedding the content and values of the UNCRC in the life and work of the school is due in large part to the commitment towards this objective of the senior staff and the very positive response of the staff as a whole. It was recognised early on that the introduction of the language and values of the UNCRC would complement key elements in the school’s existing ethos and core values, particularly the emphasis that the school gives to the importance of living sustainably and valuing and respecting cultural and ethnic diversity. All the many children with whom we spoke agreed that everyone is treated fairly at the school. They referred to very little or no bullying and strong respect among their peers for cultural and ethnic diversity. They also agreed that children’s opinions are highly valued by staff and that children have extensive opportunities to express their views and ideas.

Example of a Board in each classroom


Rights Notice board 5kn