The Launchpad is a specialist provision that offers individual programmes of education for junior-age pupils with a diagnosis of Autism and an EHCP. The Launchpad is for pupils that do not require a special school but struggle to access a full-time mainstream class. We are able to offer a bespoke combination of access to mainstream classes allied with specialist input, support and adapted environment that the Launchpad provides.




The Launchpad has two large teaching spaces furnished with widescreen smart TVs, tables and chairs specifically designed for small group and 1:1 work. The classrooms are tailored to the differentiated curriculum and according to the support needs of the children. Visual displays are used to aid learning but are kept intentionally minimal to reduce distraction. There is also a sensory room equipped with soft furnishings and sensory toys and a calm room that serves as a low-arousal space. Outside, there is a self-contained courtyard adjacent to the lower-school playground.


Curriculum and assessment


The basis of the curriculum is drawn from the national curriculum and is adapted to match the needs and abilities of the pupils, enabling success & accessibility as well as providing challenge. Functional maths and English is embedded across the curriculum providing the pupils with as many opportunities as possible to practice skills and develop their knowledge in a range of contexts. Pupils are assessed through teacher observation and work products on a criterion basis. Progress is tracked using specialist software that provides an insight into incremental development and detailed assessment profiles that clearly indicates areas of difficulty.