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One of our most precious and favorite time of our school year is when we present our Anne Newson and more recently our Spirit of Sport award.

Anne Newson was a governor at our school for a long time, and when she passed away her family wanted to honor her memory with a once a year award where one child from each year group are selected by the teachers unanimously for displaying outstanding contributions to one of our school values, or have overcome challenges, or have shown an amazing attitude to school.

We also present a “Spirit of Sport” award to one child from the whole of our school, for showing an outstanding attitude to all our sports, in a way that we as a school are proud of, this award is in memory of Ursula Woods who was a TA at our school for many years, who sadly passed away last year, and her family wanted to preserve her memory with this award.

We normally have a whole school assembly to present the awards, where the parents and carers of the selected children attend, and the children who have been selected are completely unaware that they have been chosen till the assembly, however because of the current pandemic we have not been able to have assemblies, so the Teacher of the student and the Lower / Upper school Deputy head surprised the children by turning up at their residence! It was a very emotional surprise and the moment was certainly not any less special with this unusual presentation, we would like to congratulate and thank the children who received the awards.

Anne Newson award for Year 3 went to Samuel, Year 4 to Gabriel, Year 5 to Joshua and Year 6 to Stela, and for Launchpad Izzy

Spirit of Sports award went to Kaylee from Year 5

Congratulations to you all.

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We have recently been reviewed by a group called Challenge Partners, of which we are part.
Please see further information at
The report makes great reading!
Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led national network of schools that improves school performance through peer-to-peer challenge and knowledge sharing. Each school in Challenge Partners receives an annual Quality Assurance (QA) Review. The QA Review is a peer review involving senior leaders from other schools in the partnership. The review has a whole-school remit and focuses on teaching and learning, which enables practitioners to have deep conversations about the quality of learning in the school being reviewed.
All outcomes are agreed between the school and the review team as part of an ongoing professional dialogue that seeks to unpick and articulate effective teaching practice and school improvement strategies. Review reports are a summary of conversations between peers during the three days spent in school before February half term.
Please note that by nature of being a collaborative peer review, the QA Review is different from other external inspections. Due to the review’s focus on teaching and learning, the review does not consider areas such as safeguarding or governance and so its outcomes are not directly comparable to an Ofsted inspection.

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Year 5, thoughtfully created a variety of Christmas themed artwork, last week. The children looked at the skills they needed for each option and the materials available, before deciding which ones to create. They were careful and enthusiastic during their work and considered their audience.
The children are very proud of their achievements, and rightly so.
These beautiful pieces of art are displayed at Treasure Chest soft play in Crawley.

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The children of Maidenbower Junior School were thrilled to take part in the recent art installation at three bridges station. They enthusiastically researched and sketched their design ideas based around the theme of transport, creating some beautifully innovative scenes. We looked at the previous work of Lionel Stanhope, visited the station to get a feel for the area, and created bright, bold, eye-catching mural ideas. The children were truly inspired by the idea of being a part of an art installation that they would be able to show off to their friends and family about for years and years to come. Their enthusiasm, ignited through a sense of purpose – a real focus. Thank you for including us in this exciting experience, and we certainly think it has had a positive impact on the area!

Many thanks to all for inviting us to take part.