We could not manage without the support and generosity of parents who respond to our once yearly plea for a Voluntary contribution, with this money we are able to support our School’s vision statement.

Here is a breakdown of how your money, helped us for 2021/2022:

Contributions requested: £25 per family

Contributions received: £3925

All around MJS there are places of interest, challenge, wonder and reflection. Pupils are listened to and their ideas are acted upon. Our staff are learners who are committed to excellent teaching within a self-improving, orderly and enthusiastic community. The leadership of our school promotes an aspirational culture: one of belief that our children can achieve more than anyone might have thought, knowing that education has the power to change lives positively and are excited by this. Governors, parents and local people hold our school in high regard, and are involved in productive discourse about its vision and performance.

Mr Pike


Thank you so much to all our parents who contributed, you have made a huge difference.