Elaine Jenkins


I have always loved teaching. I feel especially honoured and privileged to be the Head teacher of Maidenbower Junior School, a school that  my two children enjoyed attending. For me, every child is special and each class teacher brings a unique quality to the teaching and learning. When a child learns something for the first time, no matter how old they are, that is a magical moment. Through our dedicated and enthusiastic team, my aim is to help each child to realise this magic.I am particularly proud of the positive culture we have already created, as shown in our shared values and fantastic achievements. Our school stands proudly at the heart of the Maidenbower Community.

Stephen Turnbull

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

To contact our SENCO please use this link  I have been the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)  at Maidenbower for the last few years and previous to this role I was a teacher at the school for five years. I really love my role as SENCo as it brings new challenges every day. It is great being able to work with children and parents across the school as well as the staff and children our specialist support centre. I like working at Maidenbower because the staff are very supportive of each other and there is a great inclusive ethos throughout the school.

Kerry Negus

Deputy Head

MJS has played a significant part in my life for the last 22 years since it opened in 1999. In that time I have taught all year groups. People often ask me why I have never moved on to another school. My reply is always the same. I really enjoy the place, my colleagues, the children and the parents. I am immensely proud of MJS. Why would I want to work anywhere else?   My current role is Deputy Head with responsibility for the lower school (years 3 and 4). This has given me the opportunity to work even more closely with staff, the children and their parents. I am also the designated safeguarding lead within the school where I have responsibility at both a strategic level within the school and on a day to day basis.   I take great pleasure in being part of a such a hardworking and supportive team and relish my present roles.

Simon Pike

Deputy Head

I am currently Deputy Head Teacher and love working at our school.  I am in charge of Upper School (Year 5 and 6) and lead on assessment through the school.  I am passionate about developing children's sporting opportunities and organise the provision of extra-curricular clubs.

Georgina Child

Acting Lower School Deputy Head

Elliot McGuffie

Business Manager

Chris Buckley

Launchpad Learning Lead and SLE

My name is Chris Buckley and I have been working in SEN education for eleven years in the capacity of teacher, tutor, subject leader and senior leader. I have worked in a range of contexts having started out my career as a teacher in a further education provision in Brighton for young adults with complex, multiple diagnoses. My work as a senior leader for a specialist residential school gave me unique opportunities to develop my practice in leadership and working with a wide age range from primary through to secondary and sixth form. I have been fortunate enough to work with some inspiring SEN professionals over the years, including some of the nation’s leading behaviour specialists and autism practitioners. Learning is my passion and consequently, I have undertaken a great deal of additional training and qualifications. A few of these include a professional diploma in specialist teaching and learning, Positive Behaviour Support training, IOSH management, Autism Practice and Behavioural analysis and more recently, I have taken on the role of SLE (Specialist Leader in Education) for the TSA Schools Alliance. From a young age, I was privileged to have children with a range of conditions and diagnoses as fostered family members. This showed me how valuable everyone is and gave me a strong belief in inclusion for those who are easily excluded eventually leading me to the work I now do. For more information you can contact us here

Faye Stansfield

Writing Lead and SLE

My name is Faye Stansfield and I have worked at Maidenbower Junior School for over ten years. As the school’s writing lead, I am passionate about creating writing lessons that are both engaging and inspiring. Although there are many pressures on schools to enable children to access the end of KS2 tests and understand complex grammar and spelling, I truly believe that this can be delivered in an enjoyable and exciting way. My own love of reading and books underpins everything I do and I believe that children should be taught to write as authors themselves, engaging with their audience and enjoying the experience of creating something unique. As a leader, I aim to develop this passion and drive in others, creating a learning experience that is purposeful, effective and motivating for all. As well as my work with coordinating writing across the school, I have completed my training to become a Specialist Leader of Education for English. This role involves going out into other schools, coaching other leaders of English and teachers in order to help others develop professionally. I am also part of the West Sussex writing moderator team, supporting writing assessment across the county and ensuring consistency across locality schools.

JJ Davies

Maths Learning Lead and SLE

Fostering positive attitudes towards Maths have enabled our children to fulfill their potential. I have lead Maths for the last three years, in which we have seen huge strides in the teaching and learning of Maths. I am passionate about the teaching of Maths, and that is done in a way that gives access to all pupils.
Maths is everywhere and it is vital that all children have the tools to make them successful mathematicians. I am leading the mastery approach to Maths at our school: building on the fluency of number that the children learnt in key stage 1; using representations so that the children can develop a deeper understanding; and using precise mathematical vocabulary to enable all pupils to discuss maths.

Andy Stokes

Reading Lead

As a life-long book lover I view English as the most important subject that children study at school: achieving fluency in its three components (reading, writing and spoken language) allows pupils to effectively access the entire curriculum. By using rich texts as a starting point in all year groups, staff can combine the key principles of best 21st century practice into their teaching. Selecting strong core texts enables our teachers to support and develop creative thinking; allows elements of choice in reading and writing; shines a light on matters outside of pupils’ current experience; reveals the importance of vocabulary and grammar in context; promotes reading for pleasure; and helps children to express themselves and empathise with others. I am regularly astonished and impressed at the effort and imagination the children bring to their English work, and feel proud to be a part of a team aiming to send confident, literate young people on to their secondary education.

Alison George

Curriculum Learning Lead and SLE

As a teacher with 28 years’ experience (18 at Maidenbower Junior School) I have seen many curriculum changes. I have always been excited about curriculum design and providing a curriculum that is creative, purposeful, challenging and engaging. I have been a curriculum lead for the past seven years, in which I have led the school in creating a topic based, creative curriculum which is driven by key subject areas – geography, history and science.  My role is to also develop good and outstanding practice in school. Through the monitoring of our curriculum, I am always keen to talk to children about their learning, look at their work, planning and class displays, sharing ideas with year groups. I consider myself very fortunate to be part of Maidenbower Junior School where we have always taken great pride in our curriculum design, constantly seeking opportunities to encourage a lifelong love of learning in all our children.