Healthy Breakfasts – Breakfast has been said to be the most important meal of the day. Studies show that having a good balanced breakfast can help performance at school.


Last Summer we joined in Healthy Eating Week for the first time.  As a next step I took an assembly in the Autumn term and showed a power point about the importance of having a healthy breakfast. After the assembly our Healthy School reps undertook a survey in their classes to find out the pupil’s breakfast habits. We wondered ‘How many children come into school without a good breakfast?’


On Maths day the Y6 Financial ambassadors did some interpretation of the data collected by the Healthy School reps. They created pie charts to show each year group response. We can see that although most pupils do have a breakfast of some sort, there are about 2 per class who do not have a breakfast at all. Some of the survey answers also told us that some children do not have much to eat for breakfast.


What was most surprising was the number of pupils who do not have a drink at breakfast. As a school we do try to encourage our pupils to drink water during the day to keep hydrated, but we did assume that they have a drink before they start school – in many cases this is not so! We will be encouraging all those pupils to have a drink of water once they get to school.


After half term we are going to start our Toasty Thursdays – the Healthy School reps will cook toast for a year group a week. Toast is a healthy snack which provides some of the energy and nutrients the body needs for good health. It will be especially important for those pupils who have had no or very little breakfast.
Later this term the Healthy School reps will find out about the lunches our pupils have at school, both packed lunches and hot lunches, all part of our aim to encourage them to think about the food they are eating and to make healthy choices when they can.


There are many useful and interesting resources on the website link here.