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Year 5 Residential 23-25th April:-


Tuesday 24th @ 13:00: Sunshine, blue skies and full bellies. All enjoying the activities thanks to the super friendly PGL staff.


Tuesday 24th @ 09:00 All smiles this morning and proud of spending a night away from home, Year 5 are ready for more PGL adventure.


Monday 23rd @ 19:00 Year 5 have eaten very well and now getting ready for this evening’s Cluedo mystery adventure outside.

Monday 23rd @ 16:00 This sock was white this morning! Groups 1-4 loved the muddy challenge course today; you might not love the washing.

Monday 23rd @ 11:00 Year 5 have arrived at Marchants Hill. Children full of beans. Weather dry but the challenge course still muddy.



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