Welcome to the Year 3 children’s homepage.

Year 3 have had a very strong Geography focus this Autumn term. The first half of the term we focused on the local area, branching out to looking at the United Kingdom and the different continents ENGLISH We started the term writing poems using the book Where My Wellies Take Me as a stimulus. The book is a collection of poems collated by Michael Morpurgo and his wife and follow Pippa’s adventures in the countryside where she lives. The second part of the term has found us studying stories from other cultures. We have read Fly Eagle Fly an African tale similar to the Ugly Duckling and Masha and the Firebird, a folk tale from Russia.

Maths has been focusing on learning efficient written methods for addition and subtraction as well as practising quick mental recall of number bonds and times tables.

Has been looking at the life cycle of plants and we have been keeping a plant diary as part of our homework. We are now learning about light and dark through various investigations.

In Computing we been improving our typing skills using the BBC website dance mat as well as learning coding skills.


In games we have been playing Netball ad Hockey